The Specialists are in Town!

The Specialists are in Town!

It’s sometimes difficult to know what direction to take your business when you have so many people with different talents and varied experiences. We have decided to harness the power of many into one! Our new “Specialist Team” has been set up to offer a new aspect to our cleaning services in Leicester. Our fully […]

The Revolution is Growing!

Since we set things up we have been hard at work establishing ourselves and investing in our growth. We have just made the next step in our journey and we now perform commercial cleaning services across the Midlands. This is a big step for us, only three years ago we had just one vehicle with […]

That flew by!

Well, the last year has been a blur… we have been working hard to establish ourselves in our local area and our commitment to local causes is moving along nicely – last year we gave over £700 to our community in direct cash donations and time and resources donated. £700 sounds like a modest sum, […]

Revolution in action!

Next week, the Revolution team will be embarking on one of the founder’s cornerstone projects. The company was set up to show how the cleaning industry can give cleaners a decent wage, improve communities and help young people get experience in the workplace. We give our staff shares in the business. In return we ask […]

Tea Tree-mendous!

Continuing our theme of essential oil uses in cleaning, this post looks at Tea Tree oil and its cleaning powers. The oil is obtained from an Australian tree and I’m sure you are well aware of its uses in the medicine box healing everything from athlete’s foot to dandruff. I don’t know many people who […]

Dust mites beware!!!

OK. It’s a given that your bed harbours loads of dust mites. Did you know that anywhere between 100,000 and 10,000,000 of them are feasting on your dead skin cells? TEN MILLION!! Yuk!! It’s no wonder that people who suffer from asthma wake up feeling congested and wheezy. You can use chemicals to kill them […]

Living in harmony?

Feeling itchy? Maybe not yet but keep reading! Your home is where you feel safe and make your life. You share it with your family, friends and pets but, as you know, there are other lodgers who can and do take up residence. Most of the time they are pretty harmless things like spiders and […]

The perils of the office (part 2)

So, you have managed to slip past the boss numerous times this week without him/her seeing you. You have even updated your status countless times and posted a picture of a laughing donkey. I salute you. You have not, however, avoided coming into contact with things that have the capacity to knock you down flat, […]

The perils of the office (part 1)

Going to work can make you sick. In more ways than one! Forget authoritarian behaviour from a Neanderthal boss or a prissy colleague who kisses his (or her) posterior that REALLY MAKES YOU FRUSTRATED! There is a real and present danger in your office and most of the time you can’t see it. Yes, we […]