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Tea Tree-mendous!

Continuing our theme of essential oil uses in cleaning, this post looks at Tea Tree oil and its cleaning powers. The oil is obtained from an Australian tree and I’m sure you are well aware of its uses in the medicine box healing everything from athlete’s foot to dandruff.

I don’t know many people who use it to clean the home. I never have so i decided to try it out on a few situations around the Tarrant residence. Tea Tree oil is recognised as a broad spectrum germicide, fungicide and bactericide. It is also deters insects because of its campherous odour.

In the bathroom it is very effective at killing and reducing mould growth. Get a spray bottle with a generous dose (20 drops) and top up with water. Give it a shake and spray where mould appears or where water tends at settle, it won’t remove mould stains but will stop re-growth. You need to repeat frequently as the essential oil will break down over time.

Kitchen worktops came up nice and clean but for me a bit too smelly (overpowering, in fact). I wouldn’t fancy a Bacon sarny tasting like a bandage! Probably better to spray lightly around the windows to deter flies and kill mould and bacteria at the same time.

Tea Tree oil is not recommended for fabrics as it tends to leave a mark. Keep some handy, however, for times when you need an antiseptic spray for those moments when someone has had an “accident” in the house.

Overall, i was quite impressed with the results but it’s the potent smell that could put you off. It does make the environment feel sanitised though. So, next time your teenager is complaining of itchy feet they can get instant relief by cleaning the house.

Like that’s going to happen….


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