Our Services

Carpet cleaning

From one off jobs to contract carpet cleaning we are able to provide a professional service at a time and frequency that fits your business.

Kitchen cleaning

Our team are trained to provide a clean and hygienic finish to all catering surfaces including flooring to ensure a safe, grease free result.

Window cleaning

We use a range of professional window cleaning techniques including water fed pole systems, cradle and platform systems.

Daily cleaning

The daytime cleaning model offers a number of advantages in that costs are reduced and standards are maintained during the day.

Industrial cleaning

Our operatives are able to undertake cryogenic cleaning to areas where contamination is an issue to full shut down clean operations.

Chewing gum removal

Our system removes the gum completely without the need for chemicals or special precautions. Safe for you, your staff and your customers.

Graffiti removal

Street art has become popular in recent years but there are some areas that require clean surfaces to enhance the local architecture.

Security services

We work with selected partners to provide manned guarding, control room solutions and CCTV monitoring for your premises.

Paving restoration

Revolution can offer a full maintenance and restoration service for areas around your estate that are paved or decoratively concreted.

Grounds maintenance

Revolution can transform your built environment. Wherever possible we try to create green spaces that are useful and sustainable.