The perils of the office (part 1)

Going to work can make you sick. In more ways than one!

Forget authoritarian behaviour from a Neanderthal boss or a prissy colleague who kisses his (or her) posterior that REALLY MAKES YOU FRUSTRATED!

There is a real and present danger in your office and most of the time you can’t see it. Yes, we are talking about bacteria and viruses. When i was working in a big office with loads of people i was always getting a cold – especially in the winter.

The fact is – modern air con units keep you cool/warm but recycling air can’t be good, can it? HVAC experts will tell you that filtration is effective. OK, let’s assume that it is. So what’s making people ill?

The answer is poor hygiene. According to Kimberley Clarke, 98% of workers are affected by minor illness every year. This is attributed to a number of factors – the biggest being transmission of  pathogens through contact points. Doors, handles, toilet seats. They all harbour millions of bacteria. In fact, it’s common knowledge in our industry that the toilet bowl water is cleaner than the toilet seat.

In the next few blogs i will show you ways that you can make your office environment healthier and more productive.

Bet you can’t wait to spend more time with the boss!