Cleaning in the Healthcare Industry

nothing can be left to chance when cleaning within the medical environment.Healthcare cleaning

Our management team has firsthand experience of working within the NHS and we are able to provide a safe and cost effective hygiene solution for you.

We use the NHS Cleaning Manual as the basis of our service delivery model to healthcare establishments and adhere to all infection control protocols currently demanded. We have a variety of cleaning methodologies that we employ and we will discuss with you the best system for your type of premises. We try to go further, however.

It is accepted that we must maintain a hygienic environment where patients are being treated. Revolution thinks that we should also look after the welfare of the people who physically do the cleaning in a way that goes far beyond the industry norm too.

We want our cleaning staff to fully understand why we do what we do. We want them to suggest better ways of doing things and we want them to feel included. That is why we make them partners in the business. Who will be more dedicated, more diligent, more motivated that the cleaner who owns the cleaning business. This will benefit your establishment in many ways.

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