Cleaning in the Office Industry

maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is critical for a variety of reasons.

Office cleaning

Protecting your employees from nasty bugs, extending the lifetime of your fixtures and fittings and leaving your visitors with a positive impression of your premises are all important factors.

At Revolution we take a different approach to your office cleaning. We can create a bespoke specification that ensures a pleasant, clean environment where resources are targeted to the places that matter. We offer daytime cleaning, input and output specifications and also electronic quality control solutions. This approach stretches your cleaning budget and allows for flexibility when you need it.

Our system uses time and motion information to calculate how much time and headcount is required to get the job done, we don’t guess how long the job will take. You can be sure that our cleaning team will be highly motivated too – after all, they have shares in Revolution and will be looking to retain your custom for many years.

Each month we will have an internal discussion about how we can improve our service delivery to you. Our suggestions are contained in your Service Report that will also detail information about quality control scores, H&S, training and headcount – we want you to have all the information at your fingertips.

call revolution support services today to discuss your office cleaning requirements.