The perils of the office (part 2)

So, you have managed to slip past the boss numerous times this week without him/her seeing you. You have even updated your status countless times and posted a picture of a laughing donkey. I salute you.

You have not, however, avoided coming into contact with things that have the capacity to knock you down flat, worse than if the boss sees your internet history *remembers to delete history..*

I am talking about office bugs that will make you ill. Most of them are on things that everyone touches constantly. You can defend yourself though. First line of defence is alcohol gel. Inexpensive and available everywhere, alcohol will kill 99.99% of the nasties. Second, hand washing. I know you know its important but its easy to forget (that’s why you need the alcohol gel…). Third, arm yourself with some bactericidal hand wipes. These are not for your hands but for your telephone receiver, keyboard, mouse – things that you touch all the time.

The sad fact is that the cleaners are probably only tasked to clean these things once or twice a month. In reality, it takes seconds each day to ensure that employes are reasonably protected from bugs but the cleaning company will pay more attention to the reception desk than the people who earn the money and cost a fortune when they are away sick.

There is a fourth thing you can do. You can pluck up some courage, eyeball the gaffer and tell him to get the cleaning sorted. We would be only too happy to help…..