Health & Safety

Our accident target is zero incidents. We have produced a Health and Safety policy with accompanying manual that details our commitment to safe working practices. Health and safety training for new employees begins on day one with our onsite induction programme. No employee is allowed to commence work at your premises until basic H&S information has been delivered and understood. 

We record all accidents, near misses and reported concerns and collate this information for inclusion in your Service Report. We gather information on a company wide scale for trend analysis and development of accident prevention initiatives. Our H&S policy details our specific commitment to working in a safe manner in all we do.

We will work closely with your own H&S representatives and we make contact with them prior to our service commencement. We comply with and uphold your internal H&S policies and procedures. If an employee breaches any site specific H&S rules it is considered a gross misconduct offence.

Revolution Support Services have produced a comprehensive list of Method Statements and Risk Assessments for all activities we undertake at your premises. This information is contained within our Site Operations Manual along with all other H&S related information.

We have created a health and safety committee made up from members of the workforce to discuss health and safety management and the systems the company has in place. Click here to read our Health and Safety Policy statement.