Cleaning in the Education Sector

since the economic downturn, public financing of educational establishments has reduced significantly.Education cleaning

Higher education faculties must find external resources to supplement income but to attract these revenue streams cleaning standards must be elevated. Secondary schools must simply cut costs – budgets are rarely increased.

How do we circle the square? Well, firstly Revolution is an owner-operated business. This means that we give back to the communities that we work in and we share our profit amongst our workers. By employing Revolution you improve your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials. This is very appealing to foreign students and local businesses.

We use the latest machinery and products and we own our own janitorial supply business. This means we can be cutting edge and we can have a lower overhead. Our specifications are designed to target resources where they are needed rather than to a uniform “one size fits all” approach. This allows us to be dynamic and highly productive.

With an experienced management team, a highly motivated workforce and an innovative operating system we have all the credentials to offer you a solution to your cleaning needs.

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