Revolution in action!

Next week, the Revolution team will be embarking on one of the founder’s cornerstone projects. The company was set up to show how the cleaning industry can give cleaners a decent wage, improve communities and help young people get experience in the workplace.

We give our staff shares in the business. In return we ask for a days work, once a year, free of charge, for a local charitable cause where we will help where we can. Our first opportunity to give back some of our profit to the community is now upon us and the Belgrave Near Neighbours Scheme will benefit from a free deep clean of their recently refurbished HQ in Leicester.

Near Neighbours work to narrow the gap between religions where they live side by side through empowering people of different faiths to come together to work for a common goal. Revolution believes that this is a very positive way to help people understand each other better and with knowledge comes power that can be used for positive change.

The Belgrave Centre is focussed on youth projects and gives young people within the city the opportunity to learn valuable social skills and to keep fit though an integral gymnasium and boxing club. We think it’s a knockout idea!