Living in harmony?

Feeling itchy? Maybe not yet but keep reading!

Your home is where you feel safe and make your life. You share it with your family, friends and pets but, as you know, there are other lodgers who can and do take up residence.

Most of the time they are pretty harmless things like spiders and the like but its the ones you can’t see that can cause you some irritation. Mites and lice are in every home. Fact. For people who have an allergy to them, they are a real cause for concern.

What can we do about it? Well, unsurprisingly, regular cleaning is relatively effective. Using anti bacterial cleaning products will help. But should we be looking at other natural ways to deter or eradicate these minute beasts?

I am looking into aromatherapy for a solution (no pun intended). There are a vast range of oils that have the most amazing properties and in fact a wide range of cleaning products are based on these oils for their fragrance and effectiveness.

In the next few posts i will look at ways that you can use essential oils to make your home smell attractive to you but very un-attractive to parasites!