About Us

Who are we?

Revolution Support Services is the product of many years of hard work and experience gained for little reward within the commercial cleaning sector by the owners.

The pressure on cleaning companies in the UK to keep down costs has resulted in wages (in real terms) and benefits for the cleaning staff to deteriorate over time. All the while, cleaning companies’ profits have only briefly dipped during the recession and are now on the way up again. The influx of cheap labour through immigration has helped cleaning companies maintain their margins.

The recent financial crisis has shown businesses that a new dynamic is needed. It is no longer acceptable to just “take” from the market. Intelligent business owners realise that you must invest in your market to sustain it. Corporate Social Responsibility is high on the agenda of forward looking companies.

Revolution has been conceived as a vehicle to assist responsible companies to do something positive for the underprivileged in society while at the same time investing resources into their local community without the need for direct involvement.

Through innovative schemes and pro-active initiatives, Revolution aims to create a new business model for the Soft FM sector. When an organisation employs RSS, the client can be confident that the profit element they pay will be distributed amongst the workforce. Other benefits include an enhancement in their environmental credentials and they will also be investing indirectly into their local community.

By employing RSS, businesses get the opportunity to do something positive while retaining a competitive cleaning service.

How does our structure benefit you?

We have all the traditional management levels that you would expect from a commercial cleaning company such as Supervisors, mobile cleaners and Area Managers but by operating as a partnership we provide you with a service that is delivered by the business owners. This structure allows us to take low level decisions at a site level and with a short escalation procedure meaning that minor issues are dealt with usually the same day.

We encourage our teams to interact with you. Forming a healthy business relationship is critical to our success and to your satisfaction. Part of our induction process involves new members of our team learning about what is critical in your business planning. This way we become flexible in the right direction and your productivity is enhanced right through your business process.

Because we offer such exceptional working conditions and benefits we are able to attract the best people there are on the jobs market. Our selection process is geared towards finding people who share our enthusiasm for social responsibility and are willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Business planning and commercial acumen skills feature heavily in our personal development courses.

We understand the difference between evolution and innovation. We keep a communication log at your premises and your Supervisor will keep it up to date with all key activity on your site. This information is then reviewed at a partner forum once per month by the RSS team and used to improve how we do things. We are all acutely aware that we cannot become complacent when it comes to your desire for efficiency.

Your business will be making an enlightened decision by choosing RSS. Your local economy, local community, local people and the local environment will all benefit and become stronger from employing our services. This makes the market you operate in more sustainable and easier to do business in.