Spring is springing!!

Bees are buzzing. Birds are tweeting.

And your driveway looks like its been in a warzone. Not surprising really, given the Winter we have had. It won’t be long before we will all be sitting on the patio with a drink in one hand and a burger in the other so why not take the strain out of cleaning up your outside room and let REVOLUTION spring clean your patio or driveway?

Its important to look after your pavers and slabs – no one wants to be slipping and sliding after a few Pimms (unless you have a waterslide!…). Its also important to RE-SAND your pavers when the cleaning is done. If you don’t, the slabs will begin to move and become unstable leading to a costly repair. The REVOLUTION guys will re-sand your pavers as part of the cleaning process.

Lastly, remember to apply a good quality weed killer so that next years job is a bit easier and so that your slabs look in top condition for this Summers BBQ’s.

Enjoy the Summer!